This Tender Land

Fun fact… I just took the book cover to take this picture. The full book was too heavy to bring apple picking!

My Synopsis: Odie, his brother, a classmate, and a little girl from the town they go to school in embark on a necessary adventure to save their own lives.

Pairs Best With:  Fresh off the tree apples, or anything fresh off a farm. Bonus points for anything that little Emmy grew.

Brief Review: A slow burn, but a beautifully written book. Odies story embraces some tough topics like family and faith. The end had some crazy twists, but in a great way that brought closure to the whole story. Overall a great one!

Interested in reading this one? You can get it here:


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Stacks & Snacks

Hi! My name is Brooke, and I am a firm believer that the best thing to go with reading is food - especially food in theme with the book!

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