Daisy Jones and The Six

MY SECOND AUDIOBOOK… and it will be hard to top!!

My Synopsis: A documentary that follows the rise and fall of a 70s band Daisy Jones and the Six.

Pairs Best With:  Champagne for breakfast. Also probably with heroine, but I skipped that one (which I highly recommend doing).

Brief Review: I listened to this book and I loved every second of it! It honestly felt like I was watching a documentary about a band. I wanted to google the songs they were talking about and had to remind myself it’s fiction.

I also loved how women in this book were portrayed. There were only 4 primary ones (out if a large cast of characters), but they ran the gamete. I really appreciated that she didn’t stick to a few stereotypes. It showed real genuine female friendships in a male dominated world and I am here for it. Also Karen was my favorite – but I might have just liked her voice on the audiobook the best.

I was hesitant to read this because of the hype, but I’m so glad I did!!

Interested in reading this one? You can get it here:


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