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*Thank you Netgalley for this ARC*

Do you ever finish a book and you just loved it so much you have to tell everyone to read it immediately?! Thats how I’m feeling right now. So I might be 8 books behind reviewing, but this one is cutting the line damnit!

My synopsis: A story flipping back and forth between three generations of women within one family and how family secrets can effect everyone

Pairs best with: Passed down family recipes. In this one, it was a french toast recipe I recently got from my mom. Following a recipe written in her handwriting makes a meal even more special.

Brief Review:

I love love love loved this book. I love a book that has multiple generations and really love historical fiction. Hopping back and forth between the different time periods and story lines was done seamlessly. Even though this family’s story could not have been any more different than my family history, there was something very relatable about it. I even liked the love story in there! I would recommend this to everyone!

Extended Review: *SPOILERS BELOW*

Ugh man I loved this book.

When I said above that I related to it, I really couldn’t explain why. The family was anti-Semitic (my family is Jewish), wealthy (my family is not), and almost all of them had a lot of kids (my moms one of one, I’m one of two) but something about it was just so relatable. Something about family secrets and drama is just enticing.

The beginning started off really sad. When Neddie died, I had a hard time getting through that. I felt for Kitty. And I know this is the time period, but the whole “don’t show your feelings, sweep it under the rug, you’re better off not talking about it” bothered me. I’m not one to share my feelings openly, trust me, but at least have the option.

I want to say I caught on fairly early that Moss was gay. It was never clearly stated, but as soon as it mentioned that he hung out a lot with Reg, I had a feeling. I love that it wasn’t overt, it was a subtle “figure this out for yourself,” but it made his character more admirable and human. It showed that there was more to him than just his family name, and not in a surface way.

Moss actually reminded me a lot of Simon in The Immortalists, and he was my favorite sibling in that book. It wasn’t just the obvious similarities, but trying to pursue their dreams (a musician or a dancer) in a family that expected a certain thing in a similar time period. It’s also an easy comparison between the two books that are so focused on family.

I usually hate love stories, but I didn’t hate Len and Joans. I had a feeling they weren’t going to end up together because Evie talked a lot about her dad without it ever saying his name – if it was Len (or if she knew it was Len), it wouldn’t have been such a secret. But ya know what… I liked that. Maybe its the cynic in me, but I like it better when a love story doesn’t work out. Obviously I wish it had been for a different reason than his religion, but I guess essentially it was. It was the bigger picture.

I had such mixed feelings about Ogden. Obviously, his Nazi ties were far from ideal. Agreed on that one. And I’m a little bit confused about his relationship with Elsa. I think I just wasn’t paying enough attention in the beginning, but it sounded like he had a thing with her before Kitty?? During Kitty?? Anyone have clarification on that? And I think she was part of the resistance, so it surprises me that he was on both sides of that. Pick one, dude. And pick the right one. Theres only one good answer…

Kitty was a helpless soul. I felt for her because I know it was the time period, but at the same time it was hard to look past some of her flaws and general biases. My heart broke for her when Neddie died, and I wish she had helped Elsa, but I still had a soft spot for her.

Overall, I really loved this book. I can’t wait for it to come out May 7th so everyone else can enjoy it too!!


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